Podcast #15: The Japanese Wallet Incident

Dec 16, 2016 | podcast | 4 comments

Have you ever faced a moral dilemma?

You know, a situation where you have to make a choice.

A choice between doing the “right” thing. And doing something for personal gain that’s morally questionable.

We were faced with a choice like that when we were in Japan.

While walking back to our hotel one night in Hiroshima, we saw a wallet fall out of a woman’s rucksack.

She continued walking, oblivious to what had just happened. And nobody else seemed to notice either.

We went over to pick it up and discovered that it was full of yen.

We had a tight budget when we were in Japan. We weren’t used to seeing so much cash!

And we don’t speak Japanese.

What do you think we did?

Did we do the right thing? Or not?

Before You Listen

This is a wallet anecdote that happened in Japan. What do you think happened?

  • We kept the wallet for ourselves
  • We handed the wallet into the police
  • We gave the wallet back to the person who’d dropped it
  • We ignored it and continued walking

Listen to find out which one is true.

While Listening


As usual, I’ve picked out some dictations for you to transcribe. Listen to them several times and write down what you hear. The answers are underneath. Good luck!

Dictation Answers

Here are the transcribed sections of each dictation. Which words or expressions did you find difficult to catch? Let me know in the comments.

Dictation 1: Umm and it was about an incident with a wallet that happened to him on holiday when, when he was younger and…

Dictation 2: I think it must have been you know ten o’clock at night or something

Dictation 3: Nobody else went to pick it up. It was the two foreigners who don’t speak Japanese who picked up this wallet.

Over To You

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. What would you have done in these circumstances? Have you ever been in a scenario like this? What did you do?

Thanks to www.podcastthemes.com for the theme music.

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