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You can speak English at work. You’ve passed “all the tests.” But, you still can’t have real, human conversations with fast-talking native speakers. Let’s change that.
How to Really Learn English with Movies

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Watching lots of movies but still struggling to understand them without subtitles and talk to people in real life?

Movies can be an incredible learning tool, but only if you use them the right way.

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Chat To Fast-Talking Native Speakers Thanks To Movies

Hi, I’m Cara! I help expats improve their English listening skills so they can understand and connect with native speakers through their love of films.

You’ve come so far with your English. There’s no way I’m letting you be an ‘only at work’ kind of person. You deserve to laugh at the jokes with your colleagues, accept an invitation to coffee or a pub without having to find an excuse to leave early and be your entire self in English, especially if you’re living abroad.

Living and working in another language is great fun. I should know – I’m British but I’ve been in France since 2007. But if you can’t understand what fast-talking native English speakers are saying, then you’re going to have trouble fitting in. You’re not going to feel like yourself.

After six years of working with dozens people, here’s what I know: You can learn to understand native speakers, have great conversations, and be yourself in English. And I also know that you can do it relaxing on the couch, re-watching your favourite movie for the 10th time and chatting about it with friends from around the world.

Because I’ve done it too. Let’s do this together.

Audio Course “Movies on the Run”

Learn to understand fast-talking native English speakers through movie quotes in just 2 weeks

Have you ever tried to understand fast-talking native speakers by watching movies in English with subtitles?

Familiar words and expressions can sound very different when native speakers say them fast. That’s why just listening or trying to listen and read at the same time won’t help you improve your English.

“Movies on the Run” is a different approach to training your ears using quotes from popular movies.

In just 2 weeks you’ll learn to catch features of connected speech (sounds that disappear or change in fast English) and understand fast-talking native speakers better.

I had great fun listening to the movie quotes and doing the dictations in “Movies on the Run”. And it helped me to improve my listening comprehension, something I’ve been trying to do for years!
Fabienne from France

English and French teacher

I found “Movies on the Run” very helpful as I love how you explain why the words are hard to understand for English learners. I learnt a lot, especially how native speakers combine words when they talk fast, which makes them hard to recognise.

Gary Bacon from the Philippines, expat in New Zealand

Purchased Movies on the Run

I’m really enjoying doing the course. I’ve just finished unit 8 and it’s amazing how different the English we were taught is from the real English. Or at least it’s the case in Spain. I can’t wait to contact you again to tell you I’ve managed to understand a movie without subtitles!

Ángel Gómez from Spain

Telecommunications Engineer

Leo Listening Movie Club

A community for movie lovers who want to understand and speak authentic English and connect with others through films.

You want to understand fast-talking native speakers and learn to speak casual, conversational English. So you watch movies to immerse yourself in the language and culture. But you still need the subtitles and feel like you’re not improving.

Movies are hard to understand, especially by yourself. The good news is that now there’s a better way for movie lovers like you to improve your English.

Thanks to “Movie Club”, you watch movies, build confidence in your listening and speaking skills through structured, smart, regular practice, and have great conversations with other movie lovers like you, in English.

I decided to join “Movie Club” because I wanted to learn more vocabulary, slang and phrases as well as continue improving my listening comprehension as a non-native English teacher. “Movie Club” is a worthwhile and entertaining way to improve your listening comprehension and speaking. It’s not a traditional course – you can choose the topics, so you are really a part of it. You’re not a passive member.

Fabienne from France

English and French teacher

Before joining the club, I used to watch movies with captions on. But that was quite taxing as my mind was split between the captions and the real action. I am now more able to enjoy movies with the captions off. I still don’t fully understand everything but that’s already a big improvement. The cohort-based learning is a key element of the club, with other participants following the same schedules. Though I don’t contribute much to the discussion, knowing you’re part of a group is essential to keep the motivation.

C. Fan, Hong Kong


What I like best about “Movie Club” is the live meet-up where we discussed very interesting topics about the movie – that was a lot of fun! And I love going through the many extra resources. I would recommend “Movie Club”
to anyone who loves watching and discussing movies. This will be a very stimulating and fun way to improve your listening and speaking skills!

Rosa, Italian expat in Switzerland

Italian teacher

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