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And get ready for real life where there are no subtitles
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Watching movies to better understand English? But the actors speak too fast?

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Hi! I’m Cara.

I help adventurous expats and intrepid travellers improve their English listening skills so they can better connect with native speakers.

Living and working in another language is great fun. I should know – I’m a Brit who’s been in France since 2007.

But if you can’t understand what fast-talking native English speakers are saying, then you’re going to have trouble fitting in.

The good thing is, when you can catch the expressions native speakers use, you can add them to your own speech to sound more natural and fit in better. 

And what better way to do it than relaxing on the couch, re-watching your favourite movie for the 10th time. 

Audio Course “Movies on the Run”

Learn to understand fast-talking native English speakers through movie quotes in just 2 weeks

Have you ever tried to understand fast-talking native speakers by watching movies in English with subtitles? 

Familiar words and expressions can sound very different when native speakers say them fast. That’s why just listening or trying to listen and read at the same time won’t help you improve your English. 

“Movies on the Run” is a different approach to training your ears using quotes from popular movies. 

In just 2 weeks you’ll learn to catch features of connected speech (sounds that disappear or change in fast English) and understand fast-talking native speakers better. 

I love “Movies on the Run” because it’s fun. I also appreciate the tips given in the feedback. It has helped me so much and has changed my approach to learning languages.

Cinzia Bongiorni from Italy

Bank employee and tour leader

I found “Movies on the Run” very helpful as I love how you explain why the words are hard to understand for English learners. I learnt a lot, especially how native speakers combine words when they talk fast, which makes them hard to recognise.

Gary Bacon from the Philippines, expat in New Zealand

Purchased Movies on the Run

I’m really enjoying doing the course. I’ve just finished unit 8 and it’s amazing how different the English we were taught is from the real English. Or at least it’s the case in Spain. I can’t wait to contact you again to tell you I’ve managed to understand a movie without subtitles!

Ángel Gómez from Spain

Telecommunications Engineer

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