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“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

Epictetus, Greek Stoic philosopher


Hi! I’m Cara. I help adventurous expats and intrepid travellers improve their English listening skills so they can better connect with native speakers.

Living and working in another language is great fun. I should know – I’m a Brit who’s been in France since 2007.

But if you can’t understand what fast-talking native English speakers are saying, then you’re going to have trouble fitting in.

The good thing is, when you can catch the expressions native speakers use when they talk fast, you can use them in your own speech to sound more natural. So you can fit in even better with the locals. 

And what better way to do it than relaxing on the couch, re-watching your favourite movie for the 10th time. Or binge-watching the latest Netflix series.

Native English speakers talk too fast?

Have you been watching movies and TV series in English with subtitles, hoping that one day your listening skills would improve? And that you’d catch everything without reading?

Words and expressions you already know can change dramatically when native speakers say them fast. That’s why just passively listening or trying to listen and read at the same time doesn’t work.

In Movies on the Run, my digital listening pack, you learn how to catch fast native speech though movie quotes in 2 weeks.

With each quote, you train your ears to catch features of connected speech that make it hard to understand native speakers when they speak in a fast, natural way.

Click here to find out more about the pack. 

What happy Leo Listeners are saying about me

Before I met you, I felt guilty or even stupid when I watched movies. I really couldn’t imagine that I could improve my listening skills – until I tried your exercises. your course helped me change my mindset: I no longer beat myself up for not understanding.

Veronika Palovska

Copy writing and Branding Coach, Do You Speak Freedom?

What I really appreciate about your work is the link between spoken English and movies. This helps me master an important aspect of my English (understanding fast spoken English, but also speaking in a faster and less artificial way). And I can do it in the most fun way I know: while watching movies!

Rosa, Movies on the Run customer

Now I really feel more confident with this specific TV show: every Saturday, at the end of the week, I felt more and more confident with actors’ voices and expressions and I feel like I’ve practiced my listening skill in a relaxing way!

Giulia from Italy

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