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Improve your English listening and speaking skills with movies so you can chat to fast-talking native speakers
understand native speakers with movie quotes

Audio Workbook: “Understand Native Speakers With Movie Quotes”

Thanks to this short workbook, you’ll become an active listener with listening and writing tasks that will teach you three listening skills secrets to understand native speakers through movie quotes.

In the bonus section, you’ll also learn how to catch what two famous British celebrities say when they talk fast.

Film Fortnight

Audio Course “Movies On The Run”

Learn 10 listening skills secrets that will help you understand fast-talking native English speakers thanks to quotes from famous movies.

You’ll discover the English you weren’t taught at school and learn how to understand fast spoken English in 2 weeks.

You’ll find out how to catch useful expressions you can use in conversation in English.

Plus, you’ll discover famous movies and the quotes that have become part of everyday speech and culture so you can fit in better with native English speakers.

Film Fortnight

Movie Club

“Movie Club” is a community for movie lovers who want to understand and speak authentic English and connect with others through films.

Watch movies, build confidence in your listening and speaking skills through structured, smart, regular practice, and have great conversations with other movie lovers like you, in English.

Movie Night

Movie Night

An individual session that will get you started watching and discussing series in English.

In “Movie Night” you’ll watch a hit series that native speakers know and love. And this time you’ll watch with a guide full of questions and smart listening strategies designed by your listening coach. 

You’ll get to experience the joy of being able to understand a series without the subtitles. And you’ll learn plenty of authentic expressions native speakers use in the series, so you can use them in real life.

active listening workbook

Active Listening Workbook

Turn any movie or TV series in any language into an easy way to improve your listening skills and learn new vocabulary as you binge Netflix.

Motivated to understand fast-talking native speakers? But find it hard to implement active listening techniques like dictation? It’s hard to break “just listening” habits like watching TV series after a long day at work with the subtitles on.

With this workbook on your couch, you’ll have a gentle reminder to make your listening active so you you can improve your listening skills as you watch your favourite movies and TV shows.

About Cara and Leo Listening

About Cara and Leo Listening

Cara Leopold is a cool nerdy Brit who loves nothing more than living abroad in France. When she's not wishing she was the heroine of a romcom starring alongside Ryan Gosling, she's trying to save the world. She is an INFJ after all. She wears her heart on her sleeve as she's a sensitive soul. She'll also make you laugh thanks to a wit sharp enough to make her an honorary Gilmore Girl. Mostly though, she wants you to chat to fast-talking native speakers by understanding and discussing movies together. If you buy her an almond milk chai latte, you may just win her heart. 

Read more about her story and how she can help you here.

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