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When I planned a month of content on the theme of personal development, I knew there was someone I absolutely had to contact: Kevin Conwell of the Feel Good English podcast.


If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a short podcast based around personal development resources such as TED talks and nonfiction books on various topics. Kevin gives you the key insights or summaries and walks you through any tricky vocabulary for English learners.


As his tagline says, the aim of the podcast is to make you more fluent in English and in life. I love listening to it to get some insights into books I’m thinking of reading. And also for the funky music, which Kevin composed himself. More on that in the interview.


Here’s what we chat about in the interview:


  • Kevin’s podcast, Feel Good English
  • His book summaries or focus on one topic from personal development, psychology and business books
  • Why I love listening to other teachers’ “teacher voices”
  • Kevin’s aversion to traditional language learning methods and how he learned Portuguese to fluency in a graceful way  
  • Grammar rules and the indirect connection between teaching and learning
  • Kevin’s experiences learning Czech naturally in Prague
  • Our hilarious play on words with “check” and “Czech”
  • Kevin’s definition of personal development and what makes a good book from this genre
  • How to choose what to read/learn from with discernment
  • Implementing vs accruing knowledge
  • The simple eye contact tip that changed Kevin’s life
  • Why Kevin prefers to learn by listening and some of his favourite resources
  • Kevin’s podcast “hack” for getting what you need
  • What reading and listening to a book can bring
  • Why you should prefer podcasts, modern audiobooks to audio versions of classic literature
  • Kevin’s tips and encouragement for subtitle freedom seekers
  • Are you watching series for the right reasons?
  • My stolen piece of advice for you and Kevin

More About Today’s Guest


Kevin is fueled most by culture, music and personal development.


He is the creator of The Feel Good English Podcast, where he teaches English through life and business skills based on ideas from inspiring books and Ted Talks. His background in psychology and language learning has shown him that there is a much better, more natural and effective way to become a confident English speaker.


To learn more about how you can naturally improve your English while also becoming a better version of yourself, go to  


Listen to the awesome Feel Good English podcast music that Kevin composed and have a little dance break.


Links to some of the personal development resources we mentioned.


TED talks


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