Podcast 14 No Thanksgiving For The British

Dec 2, 2016 | podcast | 2 comments

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving.

You probably noticed.

Last Friday was black Friday. You know, the crazy weekend of shopping deals and discounts that occurs over the holiday weekend.

Not forgetting Cyber Monday, which is like Black Friday, but online. And on a Monday!

Do you know which country these traditions come from?

The good, old US of A of course!

Thanksgiving I’ve known about for a while. The UK and France recently copied Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Even though Thanksgiving is an American tradition, in France, people often ask me – do you celebrate thanksgiving?

The answer if of course a big, fat no!

And my reaction is – you clearly have no idea what thanksgiving is about. If you did, then you wouldn’t be asking me!

So, I thought this particular topic deserved a quick podcast to clear up the confusion.

You’ll never make the mistake of asking a British person if they celebrate thanksgiving again!

Huge disclaimer: I did actually celebrate thanksgiving last Saturday, but only because I have an American friend who organises a thanksgiving dinner every year! But, that still doesn’t make it a British holiday!

Before You Listen

Take a look at the wordcloud below.

Make a table with 3 columns. Put the words from the wordcloud into the columns.

Food People Places

When you’re done, it should look a bit like this.

Food People Places
turkey Pilgrim Fathers New World
sweet potatoes Puritans Plymouth in the southwest of England
mashed potatoes, Settlers USA
cranberry sauce Colonists England
pumpkin pie Indians New England
pecan pie Friends (France)
Harvest Family  

Listen again and make some more notes about

– Who celebrates thanksgiving

– The history of thanksgiving – who, what, when, where, why

Use the words from the table to help you.

While Listening

As usual, I’ve picked out some sections for you to transcribe. Listen to them several times and write down what you hear. The answers are underneath. Good luck!

Podcast 14 Dictations

by Cara Leopold | Cara's Fast, Natural English Podcast

Dictation Answers

Here are the transcribed sections of each dictation. Which words or expressions did you find difficult to catch? Let me know in the comments.

Dictation 1: So I was very happy to you know to celebrate, well basically the celebration is just eating all that food um, but yeah.

Dictation 2: but it didn’t actually become a national holiday until 1863.

Dictation 3: I don’t think it’s really a religious holiday nowadays. In any case when I researched a bit that’s yeah, it wasn’t really, it doesn’t really have a religious um, element anymore.

Over To You

Thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. I’d love to hear from you in the comments – did you know the Thanksgiving story? Did you celebrate Thanksgiving last week?

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