How Veronika Broke Free From Subtitles

Jun 23, 2017 | 2 comments

Have you been learning English for years?


Can you speak or write well?


Then you turn on the TV to sit down and watch your favourite film or series. But you understand one word out of two. 


You sigh and turn on the subtitles to “read” what you’re watching or you’ll have no idea what’s going on.


That was Veronika’s situation until May when we started working on getting her free from subtitles when she watched Gilmore Girls.


If you’ve ever seen the series, you know the characters talk at a million miles per hour and constantly refer to old movies, actors, sportspeople etc.


Veronika is a copywriting and branding coach for online teachers. She has a wonderful blog over at Her written English is amazing, but understanding films and series was a struggle.


In this short interview, she talks about her experiences on my new Freedom from Subtitles programme.


Kudos to Veronika for getting on a video interview with me and sharing her story.  

Want To Break Free From Subtitles? 

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