Would you like to inject some fun into your English learning? And do it while watching TV?

Well, you’re in luck – Vickie, from yesstilltalking.com helps adult English learners use speaking games to feel more at ease in English.

Vickie became passionate about using games in her teaching when she was learning high school Spanish, thank to cool teachers who used games in class.

Since then, Vickie has lived in various Spanish-speaking countries: Costa Rica, Mexico and now Spain. Each time, she has discovered a game show on TV that she got addicted to and used to help her improve her Spanish.

In the interview, you’ll discover Vickie’s tips for using game shows as an English learner. Plus, if you’re not a game show fan, you’ll also discover some ways to turn movies and TV series you’re already watching into a game.

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You’ll hear us discuss:

  • what inspired Vickie to start using games in her English teaching
  • the Spanish-speaking countries Vickie has lived in and how she got started as an English teacher
  • what to do if you want to start using games in your learning if you love watching TV
  • the game show Vickie got into while living in Mexico
  • how to “play” game shows at home, no matter your level
  • how these games help you build your vocabulary
  • the game shows Vickie has discovered since moving to Spain
  • the game show that helped her when she first moved to Spain – watch us do an example together in English
  • how play games while watching the Jimmy Fallon show
  • Vickie’s current Spanish game show obsession and how she plays the game at home with her husband
  • why this game is great for learning expressions and proverbs
  • how to play bingo with Christmas movies, like the ones on the Hallmark channel
  • how to test your knowledge of your favourite TV shows
  • Vickie’s murder mystery game playing ideas to use with Father Brown or any other detective series

Watch the video:

Links To The Shows & Games Mentioned In The Interview


As promised, here’s where you can find the shows or games Vickie and I talked about.

More from Today’s Guest

Vickie is here to bring ease and laughter to your English fluency journey. She helps learners lose their nervousness so they can relax and just enjoy speaking in English. If there is a card or board game to help, even better! 🎉Watch out though, Vickie can become a little competitive especially when UNO, Friends TV show trivia, or Wheel of Fortune is involved. 😉

Here’s where you can find Vickie online and find out how to use games to improve your speaking.

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