Hello Leo Listeners. This week I’m joined by Pete from Aussie English. He invited me over to his podcast and YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago for a chat. And now I’m returning the favour. Pete is Australian, unsurprisingly, so it’s a great chance to listen to and compare our accents.


The idea behind this interview was to discuss Australian accents, Australian TV and anything else that took our fancy.


I ended up finding out about Pete’s PhD research into Australian rat populations. And got a lot of juicy language learning tips out of him. If you want to know about how he got an authentic French accent, stay tuned. A lot of these tips also apply to English.

We discuss:


First 10 minutes or so


  • The fact that Pete is actually Dr Pete as he holds a PhD
  • The fascinating evolution of Australian rat species and how they’re related to each other
  • My close call with a rat in Seville
  • Why rats make better pets than hamsters and mice. And why you should avoid ferrets.  


The next 10 minutes

  • Where Pete’s living and where he’s originally from
  • How and why Canberra became Australia’s capital
  • Chatting about Australian cities and why my relatives live in the worst one
  • Australian geography vs European geography and the impact (or not) on language learning
  • Linguistic diversity in the UK and the status of Gaelic in Scotland


20 minutes onwards

  • Pete’s experience learning languages
  • How Pete got back into learning French
  • Pete’s top language learning tips from his experiences in reactiving his French and learning Portuguese


39 minutes in

  • Classic Australian TV shows: Home and Away, Neighbours
  • Pete’s friends TV show about snake catching
  • Some Australian TV shows you might not have heard of
  • Australian movies


46 minutes in

  • Australian accents and slang

Links Mentioned In Our Chat To Understand Aussie Accents 


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