How To Really Learn English With Netflix In 2024

A 1-hour workshop on Thursday January 25th at 6pm CET/9am PST/12pm ET to help you turn Netflix into a powerful English-learning tool
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Are you watching Netflix in English every evening but still don’t feel able to talk to people in real life? 

Many English-learning Netflix fans turn on the latest must-watch series hoping it will improve their English skills.

But Netflix is not your teacher. So just watching won’t magically make you fluent.

The good news is that there are specific strategies that can help you really learn English thanks to Netflix so you can pick up new expressions, understand native speakers and speak with more ease.

In this live workshop you’ll discover the strategies to make learning English with Netflix in 2024 work for you. Plus you’ll get a chance to try them out and ask two English-learning experts your questions about them.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll finally know how to use Netflix to have fluent conversations in real-life with fast-talking native speakers.

How Does it Work And What Will You Learn?

During the workshop, you’ll discover a series of easy-to-implement strategies to make learning with movies more effective. Netflix is not your teacher. So it’s not enough to just hit play, lie back and relax on your couch.

That said, these strategies don’t have to be time-consuming or hard. Some of them are similar to what you do in your own language before watching a film.

During the workshop, you’ll get to interact with us live to ask your questions about the strategies.

You’ll also get a chance to try out our favourite strategy (all about improving your listening skills) live so that you have concrete steps you can implement afterwards to make learning with movies work in 2024.

Thanks to this workshop you’ll be able to:

  • learn and remember new vocabulary from movies and TV series
  • watch Netflix without the subtitles
  • pick the perfect movie or series for you
  • turn Netflix into a way to speak to others
  • improve your listening skills with Netflix
  • and more!

All for a one-time payment of just $10.

Meet Your Hosts

Cara Leopold and Annemarie Fowler are two seasoned online English teachers who have both lived in France! Here we are in Paris together in May 2018.

Cara Leopold is originally from the UK and is the creator of the Leo Listening movie club.

Like you, she also struggled for years to understand French movies without the subtitles.

Nowadays, she lives in France and understands 99% of what she hears. Fast speech isn’t a barrier for her to fit in.

Not only has she taught English in France, she has a Master’s degree from a French university, has worked as an export assistant in a French company, and is a volunteer Carbon Conversations facilitator in her town.

She does what she wants, with who she wants, in French!

Cara Leopold
Cara Leopold

Annemarie Fowler is the founder of Speak Confident English and the creator of Fluency School as well as the Confident Women Community, where she helps women become confident and fluent in English.

Throughout her 20+ year career in English training, Annemarie has grown from an ESL/EFL teacher to an Academic Coordinator providing teacher training and creating materials, and then on to the Deputy Director of a language college in Washington, D.C.

In 2014, Annemarie launched Speak Confident English so she could focus on her passion: helping women overcome feeling shy in English so they can be successful in achieving their dreams, move forward in their careers, and feel comfortable in a new English-speaking country. She firmly believes that English should not be a barrier to success.

Annemarie has a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and her Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from The New School in New York, NY. She has worked as an English language teacher and coach in Pakistan, Germany, Czech Republic, France, throughout the United States, and online.

What’s Included?

When you sign up for the workshop you get:

  • A Zoom link to join us live on Thursday January 25th 6pm CET/9am PST/12pm ET
  • A recording of the workshop to download and keep forever (whether you come live or not)
  • A workbook to guide your reflections, take notes, and help you choose the right strategies to implement
  • The slide deck so that you can refer to the information without having to watch the video again

Ready To Make 2024 The Year You Finally Learn English With Netflix? 

Enrol in the live workshop, How to Really Learn English with Netflix, for just $10.

After you sign up, you’ll get a confirmation email with the Zoom link and workbook. You’ll also receive reminder emails about the event.

If you can’t come live, no worries, you’ll get a recording by email afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the workshop?

It’s happening live on Thursday January 25th 2024 at 6pm CET/9am PST/12pm ET.

What if I can't come live?

No worries, you will receive a recording of the workshop a couple of hours after it finishes. You’ll also get a workbook and the slide deck. Once you have downloaded these materials, they are yours to keep forever.

Do I need to be able to understand Netflix without subtitles before I join?

No, of course not. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to improve your listening skills with Netflix. You’ll also get advice on what to do about the subtitles. One of the goals of the workshop is to help you use subtitles without guilt when you need to. And to build the confidence to turn them off as well. 

Why should I pay to join the workshop when I can just watch Netflix?

The question is – do you understand what you’re watching on Netflix? And is just watching Netflix helping you improve your English? In many cases, learners believe that it helps, but it’s often a waste of time, especially if you can’t catch many of the words and expressions. This is why we’re offering this workshop – to help you turn Netflix into a learning tool so you can understand native speakers better and express yourself with more ease. 

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