• Are you fed up of small talk?
  • Are you sick of doing language exchanges where you discuss the same boring topics each session (introductions, weather etc) ?
  • Or of watching TV series by yourself and having no-one to talk to about them?

Well, you’re going to love this interview with Lauren Williams, creator of the Language TV Club.

Lauren loves watching Mandarin drama-romance series on Netflix. But she was fed up with having no-one to talk to about them. She’s also an introvert who can’t stand small talk. Can you relate?

So she decided to do something about it and created a club where language learners and TV series lovers come together to discuss what they’re watching in everything from French to Polish via English and more.

The club’s tagline is: “ditch loneliness and build your confidence speaking your new language with TV and friends”. Because Lauren shares my movies are better together philosophy, I was excited to talk to her. Movies (and TV series!) are a great way to have a conversation in English without worrying about small talk. Especially if you ask the right questions.

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Lauren Williams is a polyglot, speech and language pathologist and founder of the Language TV Club. Lauren lives on languages – she works with language in her day job and spends her free time learning languages too!

In this interview, you’ll hear us discuss:

📺 Lauren’s background and experience learning languages since childhood despite growing up in a monolingual environment 

📺 Our experiences learning French at university

📺 A little detour into speech and language therapy

📺 Lauren’s experiences living and studying abroad

📺 Why Lauren connects language learners through activities, not small talk

📺 Lauren’s experiences watching TV series in other languages

📺 How the Language TV Club works

📺 What Lauren likes to watch in different languages

📺 Why watching alone means you miss out – on details, vocab and jokes – and how watching together helps you fill in these gaps

📺 Is it possible to learn a language just by watching TV?

📺 Which types of TV shows work best for a TV discussion club

More From Lauren & The Language TV Club

Here’s where to find out more about Lauren and the Language TV Club:

Lauren is the Founder and CEO of Polyglot Station, LLC, an online space for people to explore and connect through languages. One of the main divisions of this company is the Language TV Club. Lauren is passionate about learning languages and supporting others to do the same. When she’s not watching Netflix dramas in other languages, you might find her out dancing salsa, sitting in the sun, or playing games with friends and family.

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