Audio Course “Movies On The Run”


Learn to understand fast-talking native English speakers through movie quotes in just 2 weeks

Fed up of watching movies with subtitles?

Feel nervous before you talk to a native speaker in case you don’t understand them?

“Movies on the Run” is an audio course that teaches you 10 English listening secrets that will help you understand native speakers when they talk fast.

Plus, you discover famous movies and the quotes that have become part of everyday speech and culture so you can fit in better.

I’m really enjoying doing the course. I’ve just finished unit 8 and it’s amazing how different the English we were taught is from the real English. Or at least it’s the case in Spain.

I want to thank you and I’m really looking forward to writing you again soon to tell you that I’m able to see a movie without subtitles 🙂

Ángel Gómez from Spain

Telecommunications Engineer

A Course for Busy Intermediate and Above English Learners


✅This audio course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to understand fast-talking native English speakers
  • You want to learn more about popular culture in English-speaking countries
  • You want to fit in with native speakers
  • You want a short, simple action-oriented experience that fits easily into your day and won’t require hours of your time

What I love about Movies on the Run is working with movies – it’s fun. And the tips given in the feedback. It helped me so much and changed my approach to learning languages. It’s a good course, but you need to make an effort. You must be motivated to use such a fun way to learn.

Cinzia Bongiorni from Italy

Purchased Movies on the Run

What You’ll Find Inside “Movies on the Run”

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“Movies on the Run” consists of 10 quotes from famous movies like “Top Gun”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “The Godfather” and more.

Each quote illustrates a listening skill secret that makes fast-talking native speakers hard to understand such as sounds that disappear, change or that are even added to speech.

You do activities based on each quote that involve listening and writing. In the bonus exercises, you also work on short phrases and expressions from conversational speech, so you can understand everyday expressions when you hear them.

I think Movies on the Run is great. Even though I’m busy with work, I’m advancing more or less 1-2 quotes every week. It’s really helping me to identify the sounds I have problems to catch in fast speech.

José from Spain

Purchased Movies on the Run

How Does “Movies On The Run” Work?

  • Read through the instructions in the PDF booklet and start doing the exercises
  • Compare your answer to the key
  • Read the explanations so you understand why you couldn’t catch some words and sounds
  • Do further ear training exercises to catch these sounds, based on common conversational expressions
  • Discover more about the movies with links to movie clips, movie trivia and other quotes

The Results You’ll Get Thanks to the Course

  • feel more confident when you talk to native speakers because you know how to catch everyday expressions and because your English sounds more natural too
  • discover the most famous movie quotes in English-speaking countries – you’ll be able to use them and catch them in conversation
  • have fun while you work on better understanding fast English thanks to famous movies
  • find out the steps you can take to continue improving your understanding of English even after you finish the course
  • save time in your busy day thanks to short units that don’t require you to spend 2 hours watching a movie
  • practise speaking/writing thanks to quarterly invitations to movie meet-ups – these are events where we meet to discuss a movie from the course on Zoom or WhatsApp

Want to Start Understanding Fast-Talking Native Speakers?


You can enrol in “Movies on the Run” for 50€ (+ VAT for EU customers).

The course is a digital download. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll receive it by email so you can start learning straight away.

Have fun while learning how to understand fast-talking native speakers through movie quotes wherever and whenever you want.

You can pay with your PayPal account or by bank card.

I’m really happy with my MOTR experience. What I really appreciate about your work is the link between spoken English and movies. This helps me master an important aspect of my English (listening and speaking) and I can do it in the most enjoyable way I know: while watching movies! I really appreciate your phonetic analysis and the advice about what to do next. But also the information about the movies – plot, fun fact etc. MOTR gave me ideas for which movies to watch next. Thank you for creating it!


Movies on the Run customer

Meet Your Teacher

Hi, I’m Cara Leopold, online English listening skills coach. I help adventurous expats and intrepid travellers understand fast-talking native speakers so that they can fit in with them better.

Thanks to this method, you can continue improving your English using what you hear.

I’ve been living in France since 2007. I create products and programmes based around movies and TV shows as I love to watch them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a refund?

No, as this course is an instant digital download I don’t offer refunds.

Do I get support from you?

Unfortunately not but you will find that the materials have been created so that it’s simple to work through and get results from, even without lessons from a teacher.

Although there are no lessons included, you will get an invitation every quarter to a movie meet-up for MOTR students only. At this meet-up we discuss a movie from the course either on Zoom or WhatsApp. This is your chance to meet me and other students on the course to talk about movies.

Is this a course with videos and a community?

No, an audio course consisting of Mp3 files and a PDF booklet, not a course with videos or a community. That said, you do get invited to quarterly events where you can meet me and other students.

Is this course for beginners or low intermediates?

No, this course is not suitable for beginners or low intermediate level students (A1-A2 on the CEFR). To get the most from this course, I recommend that you have at least an intermediate level (B1 on the CEFR).

I'm a teacher - can I use "Movies on the Run" with my students?

No, this course is not for classroom use. You cannot purchase it and then use it with your students. If you’re a teacher or school and you want to use it in class, then you can contact me to set up a licensing arrangement.

Ready to Understand Fast-Talking Native Speakers in Just 2 Weeks?


Enrol in the course for just 50€ (one-time payment).

  • Have fun while you learn thanks to 10 listening secret lessons based on quotes from famous movies.
  • Discover the key difficulties that are stopping you from understand fast-talking native English speakers that your teachers never taught you at school.
  • Feel more confident the next time you chat to a native speaker because you can understand them.
  • Get invites to quarterly movie meet-ups as well as other bonus surprises not available anywhere else once you join the course.

I wasn't sure if Movies on the Run would be useful for me. But, as I'm pretty committed to improving my listening skills I decided to try it out.

Also I heard about your method on a podcast and wanted to apply it. Before that I spent two years watching movies with subtitles. Honestly I thought that someday I would be able to do it without reading and just listening. But I realised that day wouldn’t come and hearing you on the podcast opened my eyes.

Movies on the Run was challenging because it was the first time I have had to do dictations and other active listening tasks. But I would recommend it to other upper intermediate or advanced learners who want to improve their English skills.

Xavi from Barcelona, Spain

Movies on the Run customer

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