Introducing Subtitle Freedom Fighters and how it’ll end your lonely struggle for subtitle freedom

Sep 29, 2017 | mindset | 2 comments

I’ve been working behind the scenes this month on a brand new group programme: Subtitle Freedom Fighters.


Subtitle Freedom Fighters is a 4-week group programme where you work with a group of fellow film and TV lovers to understand a movie or series in English.


You have individual tasks to work on each week and a Facebook community where you can share your fears, struggles and successes. You’ll realise that you’re not the only one having trouble understanding films and series in English.


That’s because you’re part of a team of subtitle freedom fighters from around the world.


Stop struggling for subtitle freedom on your own


Back in May, I got the chance to interact with some of you one on one during my weekend dictation challenges on WhatsApp.


Some of the people in the WhatsApp group bought my course, Film Fortnight or Movie Mindset Shift as it’s now called. This was a complete coincidence but good timing. You’ll see why.


Even though Movie Mindset Shift is a self-study programme, I checked in with the participants in through WhatsApp.


This programme is an email course and I encourage you to share your thoughts or difficulties by replying to the messages. That said, from experience, I know that you prefer to get in touch on WhatsApp rather than email.


One of my participants was a bit worried that he wasn’t normal. He asked me – is it normal that I’m not catching bits of the dialogue?


Am I normal? That question. We all worry about it.


The reality is that it’s normal to not catch parts of movie or series dialogue.


Even advanced level learners have trouble catching “simple” things such as

  • Auxiliary verbs – was, is, are, can, would etc
  • Prepositions – to, of
  • Articles – a, the, an


You get frustrated when you’ve been learning English for years and you still can’t catch the basics. Or when your spoken English is advanced yet you can’t catch words you’ve known since the first week of secondary school.


Know this – you’re perfectly normal. Movie dialogue is tough.


I have students from different parts of the world and different language backgrounds who all struggle with the same things.


I’ve seen speakers of 4 different languages (French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic) make the exact same mistakes with the exact same dictations.


This is not to do with their native languages or some failing on their part. It’s to do with the nature of fast, spoken English.


Instead of crying in front of your laptop when you watch Netflix, join a group of like-minded subtitle freedom fighters, working towards the same goal.


Individually we are one drop. together we are an ocean.
~ Ryunosuke Satoro


Why you should become a subtitle freedom fighter


Around the world, movie fans whose first language isn’t English are struggling to get subtitle free.


You log on to Netflix after a hard day at work and find yourself switching on the subtitles to get through the latest HBO series. You’re already tired. You don’t need more stress.


You put the blame on yourself. But it’s not your fault. And you’re not the only one fed up of reading the subtitles. Another “you” is hunched over her laptop in a bedroom on the other side of the world, reading subtitles instead of watching her favourite series.


I’ve created Subtitle Freedom Fighters so you can go deeper into understanding a film as a group, share your fears and work together to understand clips


Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.
~ Hellen Keller


  • No more wondering – am I the only one who couldn’t catch this?
  • Get the inside cultural knowledge on a classic film or series to impress your native-speaker friends
  • Share your struggles in a friendly environment with a small group of like-minded subtitle freedom fighters
  • Get support from me and others daily in the Facebook group – ask questions, help others, share your fears and frustrations
  • Introvert-friendly. You’ll have lots of individual work to do. You can be an observer in the Facebook group or participate if you feel comfortable.


I’ve got 10 spots available on this programme. You need to sign up by Friday October 13th at the latest.


Your investment for this first round: 77€ per person.


The price is going up to 97€ next time.


Join me and learners from around the world to fight for subtitle freedom.

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