You turn on HBO to watch an episode of Girls without the subtitles.

But you don't understand a word of it.

You’re a smart, sensitive film lover who feels bad about using subtitles when you watch films or TV series in English.

You work hard on your English and you’re committed to learning, growing and improving. You love watching films and TV series in English in your spare time. 

But you still don’t feel able to watch them without the subtitles.

I get itwe’re living in a Golden Age for TV and we’ve never had so many amazing series available to us, no matter where we are in the world. 

But when you stick on the latest episode of Girls, you wonder if they’re speaking in some other language. So, with a heavy heart, you put on the subtitles to watch, wondering what on earth is wrong with you.

You can speak English, write English, you immerse yourself in it. You read in English whenever you can. You’ve watched plenty of films without the subtitles, trying and failing to understand. And so you’re wondering – what am I doing wrong?

I want you to know that you’re not the problem. And that subtitle freedom is waiting for you.

If just listening was enough, you’d already have figured out this subtitle freedom thing.

So let me help you get subtitle free.

Introducing Freedom from Subtitles

Freedom from Subtitles is a 4-week individual programme that helps you break free from subtitles so you can stop reading your favourite TV series or film. 

Freedom from Subtitles is all about, you guessed it: freedom 

  • Freedom from the guilt you feel around still needing subtitles and the limiting beliefs holding you back from subtitle freedom
  • Freedom from the listening techniques that don’t work
  • Freedom from the daily grind. Free up some “me time” and immerse yourself in your twin passions of English and TV. Without the subtitles and without the guilt.
  • Freedom from the feeling that there’s something wrong with you. Films and series are tough to understand but we can figure this out.

Here’s how Freedom from Subtitles will transform TV in English from a horror movie to a romcom starring Matt Damon

Give up the guilt

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

You just don’t get why you can’t understand. You wonder why you can’t just watch movies or TV shows without subtitles and understand, after all these years of learning English. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you.  

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You realise just how difficult movies and TV are to understand, even for native speakers. I select sections for you from TV show or film clips that I know you’ll find hard, and I walk you through what makes them difficult and how to understand.

You realise that you don’t have a problem, but that TV and movie dialogue is especially tricky.

You release the guilt and frustration you’re feeling and give yourself time and space to do the ear training activities I know work to catch more of the dialogue, more easily.

Fall back in love with movies

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

You love watching movies and TV series in English. But at the same time they make you feel like shit.

You’re fed up of watching without subtitles and waiting for everything to fall magically into place through sheer perseverance.

You haven’t got the time to keep trying and failing like this.

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You enjoy and look forward to watching TV in English. You break free from the bad listening habits you’ve learned at school and you do activities that work.

By giving up “just listening” to movies, you get much more from what you watch. And you can repeat the process for other series and films you want to watch without subtitles in the future.

Be kind, don’t rewind

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

You’re an introvert and conscientious with it. That’s a great quality to have. But one minute you’re doing your best to rewind and re-listen to a movie, and the next it’s 3am and you realise it’s taken you 6 hours to watch The Princess Bride.

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You learn that you don’t need to waste your evenings re-winding and re-listening to everything. You take back your time and your life and start enjoying what you watch in English again.

Thanks to subtitle freedom you can fully immerse yourself in the experience, in the story, and can finally relax and enjoy it as it was intended without exhausting yourself. 

Feel good about your goals

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

You’re aiming for 100% and won’t settle for anything less. I love your ambition. But what if we set a more realistic goal?

One that you have to work for. But that lets you feel good on reaching it. And more importantly, means that you can watch your favourite series without the subtitles. 

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You’ll know how to hit the goal of 80% understanding. And you’ll feel good about it.

Once you’ve got there, you’ll be able to turn the subtitles off. And use all the parts of the series or film you’ve been missing to help you understand like the actors, their lip movements, their gestures and even the scenery. 

Plus you’ll learn to give yourself permission to turn the subtitles back on guilt free when you need them. 

From vocab worrier to vocab warrior

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

You worry about which words and expressions you learn in films and TV shows that you need to know.

You default to wanting to know them all. And then you get overwhelmed, and can’t use any of them when you write or speak. 

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You finish the programme with a larger, more natural sounding vocabulary that you can use in conversation.

You learn the words from the series that might stop you from understanding. And I let you know which ones you can use to connect with native speakers in the real world.

Plus you learn how to pronounce them the way they really sound in fast speech. 

Because there are no subtitles in real life

Before Freedom from Subtitles…

The idea of a conversation in English sounds scarier than the latest horror movie.

You wonder: How the hell am I going to understand a bunch of native speakers talking at full speed?  

Thanks to Freedom from Subtitles…

You can transfer the subtitle freedom strategies I’ll teach you into real life. Now that you’re brave enough to turn the subtitles off, you’re taking a step into the real world where you won’t have any subtitles either.

Watching onscreen conversations also helps you practice and get ready for the real thing. Once the subtitles are off, you’ll see how people interact, the gestures they use, or how they signal different parts of interactions, like coming interruptions, with their body language.

Plus, thanks to the ear training and pronunciation activities you do in the programme, you’ll sound more authentic. So you can connect better when chatting to people. 

Ready for subtitle freedom?

Your investment:

500€ for a fully customised version where you pick the film or series you want to understand

Payment plans are also available: email me for more details 


I’ll also send you my audiobooks for free when you sign up. Value: 15€

Here's what my students are saying about Freedom from Subtitles

Before I met you, I felt guilty or even stupid when I watched movies. I really couldn’t imagine that I could improve my listening skills – until I tried your exercises. Your course helped me change my mindset: I no longer beat myself up for not understanding.

Veronika Palovska

Brand Strategist and Designer , Do you Speak Freedom?

Veronika talks more about her experiences on Freedom from Subtitles in this short video interview. Click here to watch it.

Now I really feel more confident with this specific TV show: every Saturday, at the end of the week, I felt more and more confident with actors’ voices and expressions and I feel like I’ve practiced my listening skill in a relaxing way!

Giulia from Italy

Giulia shares her experiences of Freedom from Subtitles in this short written interview. Click here to read it.

How do I sign up?

  • Click the big grey and yellow buttons above
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Get the confirmation email within 24 hours
  • Fill out the questionnaire to tell me what film/series you want to work on
  • Read the welcome pack
  • Once I know what you want to work on, I’ll email you when the programme is ready with a link to your Google Drive folder and Trello board.
  • We get started a week later
  • Stuck? Have questions? Need a payment plan? Email me:

What do I get?

  • 4 weeks of coaching via Google Documents and Trello
  • Personal Google Drive folder
  • Personal Trello board
  • Watch and understand 4 clips of your favourite series
  • Identify your personal listening difficulties with my help
  • Make 4 recordings of yourself talking about the clip for a minute and get my feedback 
  • Make 4 recordings of you pronouncing extracts from the clips and get my feedback 
  • Compete a Memrise vocabulary course with all the new vocabulary from the clips
  • Watch 4 videos to discover the listening difficulties in each clip


Your investment:

500€ for a fully customised version where you pick the film or series you want to understand

Payment plans are also available: email me for more details


Who is this for?

  • Non-native speakers of English who are fed up of watching their favourite series or films with subtitles
  • Non-native speakers who’ve been learning English for at least a year and have a B2 or upper-intermediate level
  • People who have a gmail or Google Drive account

Who is this not for?

  • Beginner and pre-intermediate (A1/A2) learners of English
  • People who don’t watch TV or don’t have a favourite TV series or movie they want to work on 
  • People who want to meet on Skype

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to spend per day on the programme?

You’ll have daily exercises to do such as listening to the clip or recording yourself talking about it. Each one should take no longer than half an hour. Some exercises may take as little as 10 minutes.

What happens if I can't keep up with the work?

I’ll check in with you if I’m not receiving any work from you to see if everything’s okay. But you must tell me as soon as possible.

I can add one additional week onto the programme to give you time to catch up. After that, the work will still be available to do, but I won’t add my feedback and comments.


What if I don't have Trello?

Trello is a simple, free tool that’s easy to install and use. It enables you to show me your progress and communicate with me. I’ll show you how to use it.

What's the refund policy?

There isn’t one. If you’re not sure that the programme is for you, you can do a 1-week trial for 75€. The trial payment is non-refundable. Once the trial is offer, you can pay the remaining balance for the programme. If you’d like a trial, please request one by emailing me at

About Cara and Leo Listening

About Cara and Leo Listening

Hi, I’m Cara Leopold and I help English learners who love movies and TV shows break free from subtitles so they can fall back in love with their favourite series or film and better understand spoken English in real life, where there are no subtitles.

Click here to learn more about my story and how I can help you. 

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